Skin Graft – A-Z – Shakuhachi Surprise


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Shakuhachi Surprise was a one-off collaboration between US band Mount Shasta and Japanese band Space Streakings. They released one album called “Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta”, which came out Skin Graft in 1996 and was produced by Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac).

r-860415-1166349579Epitonic pointed out the sound on the record is “unforgettably damaged, a horrifying many-alarm inferno of guitars, basses, horns, drums, distortion, tapes, effects-pedal pyrotechnics, and tortured, mostly Japanese vocals.” Southern Records commented that “Space Streakings Over Mount Shasta is an example of what happens when you let degenerates from the either side of the cosmos hang out together and plot the destruction of the world.” and, according to them “Shakuhachi Surprise blend dilapidated electronics and fierce programming with overdriven guitars, asylum-inspired vocals (?) and a drum kit that must have surely died after the session.”

MP3: Yadorocko Diamondo