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Associated Entries: Deerhoof, Colossamite, Flying Luttenbachers

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Oakland, CA based Gorge Trio was formed after the break-up of Colossamite in 1998 and includes three former members of that bands – Chad Popple (Iceburn), Ed Rodriguez (Deerhoof, Flying Luttenbachers, Iceburn) and John Dietrich (Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers, Appleseed). Skin Graft bio describes them as “A late North American power combo sound in the tradition of Mark Ribot’s Shrek work and US Maple’s postcool canker, with a palette as effectual and varied as the Sun City Girls.”

37912Their first two releases – 1998 “Dead Chicken Fear No Knife” LP and 1999 “For Loss Of” split with Milo Fine – both came out on Italian label Freeland Records (which also released the last single by Colossamite). After a period of silence they self-released “Made Ups”, which was a tour-only item limited to 100 copies (Skin Graft also planned to do a proper release of the record). Italian critic Pierro Scaruffi described the “For Loss Of” as a jazzier version of all-instrumental “Dead Chicken” and pointed out that it “retains that album’s rude logic while loosening up the jams in an almost psychedelic manner, as if Captain Beefheart had discovered minimalism.”

2004 saw a release of collaborative album “…Just Arrived” that Gorge Trio recorded with Italian band A Short Apnea and that came out on Wallace Records. Same year, they also released “Open Mouth, O Wisp” (their first for Skin Graft), which was described by Scaruffi as “too fragmented and anarchic to stand on its own merits.Tiny Mixtapes website gave the album 4 of 5 stars and described the album as “best enjoyed with a bachelor’s degree in music.” and also defined it genre-wise as “noise rock lite”.

r-922603-1173177653Gorge Trio most recent release (as of 2008) is a 7″ split with Uske Orchestra from Belgium (which came out on Canadian label Ache in 2007 as part of the ongoing “Div/orce” series). KFJC radio review described in the following way – “Gorge’s track is pretty straightforward, with two guitarists and a drummer taking a random, U.S. Maple kind of approach to song construction. Uské’s side is more involved and complex, while the Gorge side has a more immediate, “roll the tape and let’s go” feel.”

Band Members:

Chad Popple (Gorge Trio)

Ed Rodriguez (Deerhoof, Flying Luttenbachers, Gorge Trio)

John Dietrich (DeerhoofGorge Trio, Natural Dreamers)


Dead Chicken Fear No Knife CD (Freeland, 1998)

Gorge Trio / Milo Fine Split CD (Freeland, 1999)

Made-Ups CD (Self-Released, 2002)

…Just Arrived CD (Wallace, 2004)

Open Mouth, O Wisp CD (Skin Graft, 2004)

Gorge Trio / Uske Orchestra Split 7″ (Ache, 2007)

Compilation Tracks:

Youth Island” + “Treasure House In Amber” on The Blueghost Party Flavour (Skin Graft, 2005)

MP3: Youth Island / Paris Trap / The Age Of Almost Living