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– Band which was formed after the break up of Janitor Joe. Joachim Breuer and Matt Ensminger teamed up with Scott Hull and recorded a number of 7″ records, as well as one CD called “33rd Degree Burns”.

Associated BandsJanitor Joe, Bastards

Fun Facts:

– Scott Hull in this band is not the same as Scott Hull of Agoraphobic Nosebleed/AC/Pig Destroyer fame

Gnomes of Zürich is a disparaging term for Swiss bankers. Swiss bankers are popularly associated with extremely secretive policies, while gnomes in fairy tales live underground, in secret, counting their riches. (Wikipedia)

–  Gnomes of Zurich is also the name of psychedelic rock band from the 60s


Where Poland Meets Africa 7″ (unknown)

Dispenser 7″ (1996)

Songs Of Couch And Consultation 7″ (unknown)

33rd Degree Burns (1997)



Dumb Waiters (Psychedelic Furs cover)

Bathe In Me