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For quite a long time now, I was dreaming about a creation of an ultimate rock music encyclopedia, preferably in the form of fanzine or even a book. After thinking about costs and lack of ways to promote it, I decided that blog would suit me better. Thus, “Beautiful Noise / I Heart Noise” was born.

About me – My name is Ilya (first one is I, not L, in case if you’re wondering) and I am a bilingual (Russian/English) Bostonian, with a strong interest in all things technology, science and art. Music is, most certainly, one of my biggest passions in life and while I don’t play any instruments and I’m not involved in music business, I am still very interested in discovering new bands and writing about them.

Feel free to visit my other blog – “Video Gaming in Boston” (http://bostonmagaming.wordpress.com/) and  Discogs website Experimental Rock forum (http://www.discogs.com/group/501) . If you don’t have Discogs account, you can register account there for free.

You can also write any comments/suggestions or letters to sitnikovi@hotmail.com or visit my LinkedIn page or Facebook page. Thank You!

Published on February 7, 2008 at 1:24 pm  Comments (14)  

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  1. Have a nice day !

  2. Hi webmaster!

  3. hi!
    see at my blog. ;D
    too many rare spanish music… I think! ;D

  4. evening, Ilya,

    Great blog and nice to see some local focus.I’m in NH.

    If you’d like, take a listen to the home/lo-tech, basic, music I’m doing. I suppose it would be considered experimental, kind of noisy, very raw, kind of all over the place. I’m in NH

    Band is Jimmy Juliano and the Fluorescents.

    Please look at http://design.focusdesign.com/blog/ .


    Bob H

  5. thank god…this is the music i have never stopped listening to…thanks for the resource.

    • Sure, thank you so much for reading!


  6. how do you pronounce your name? right now I’m up to I-ly-a so its like saying I lie uh (haha)

    • Yeah – well…

      Some people pronounce it as Aaliyah, although that’s completely wrong.


  7. Dear Ilya,
    I never thought I’d find another person who liked nigh on EXACTLY the same music I do. It’s nice to have some company in this dark and depressing world of europop and P Diddy. I will leave with one banal question: what is your favourite Foetus song? Mine is probably J.Q. Murder or Anything (Viva!).

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog (not to mention nice comments)!

      It sure is nice to meet folks with similar interests.


      As for Foetus question…well, I have to study his stuff further, but so far I would say…”Time Marches On”

  8. Hey whats up, I find your blog informative and nicely looking, well done. I am also into music alot, greetings from Italy.

    • Sure, thank you so much for checking out my blog!


  9. In re Swans…just a brief note to say that I was one of the “early”/earliest members of the Swans — at the very onset of the live Swans (fall ’82), I played second bass, in a line-up that included Mike, Sue Hanel,and Jonathan Kane. I never gigged with the band, but many years later I was flattered to hear Mike refer to me as an original member of the band. The group made a wondrous, grinding, organic-yet-mechanical noise, and I recall that Sue was one of the most remarkable guitarists I ever heard. I was just 20 at the time, and I had met Mike through our mutual friend, Thurston Moore. I went on to play with the Branca Ensemble, and then formed my own avant/noise/pop band, Hugo Largo, whom I have heard refered to as ‘the godfathers of slocore.’ My brief time in the Swans certainly influenced me a lot, and I later used some of these same techniques — noise in the service of pop — when I formed Hugo Largo, which was an attempt to apply the wild creativity of the LES noise bands (especially Swans, very early SY, and the very best of these, the severely underrated UT)to QUIET music. Hope this was of interest…Tim Sommer

  10. Отлично!

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