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Single Tracks

Bastro – It’s Mercury I’ve Got In My Hips

Bob Mould – Soundcheck

Brise-Glace – Neither Yield, Nor Reap

Butthole Surfers – USSA

Coil – Neither His, Nor Yours

Crain – Car Crash DecisionsSkinminer Pastel + Breathing Machine

Crust-Black Tuesday

Ed Hall – Dirt

Feedtime – Plymouth Car Is A Limousine


Husker Du –Won’t Change

Jucifer – Lambs 4

Kittens – Great Dane

Lydia Lunch / Lucy Hamilton – Lucy’s Lost Her Head Again

Mandible Chatter – Death Of Sweetness (Edit)

Melvins – Nude With Boots

Miracle Room –Get A Job

Thurston Moore – Skrewer Boy

Poem Rocket –Return In Disarray

Lee Ranaldo –The Bridge

Sonic Youth – Halloween

Seemen – Brian Klienfelder

ST37 – Egg People

Sun City Girls – Encyclopedia Vomitannica

Thanatopsis Throne – Soldier Of Love

Unsane – Release

Venom P. Stinger – The Day Will Come

Vertigo – Nabrishkan Dreams

Full Albums

Crust  – Food Eater (zip format)


Flat – The Art Of Truncation (featuring Vertigo, Sun City Girls, PGR, Bastro and others)

Polyp Explodes (featuring Crust, Ed Hall, ST37, Thanatopsis Throne and Seemen)

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