Geezer Lake

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1 part Jesus Lizard, 1 part Alice Donut, 1 part Black Sabbath, 1 part Charles Mingus, 1 part Black Flag, 1 part Butthole Surfers; add alcohol and LSD. Stir – Maximum Rock’n’Roll

Combining all-out thrash/punk with a lone soulful trumpet, Geezer Lake is as likely to use taped B-movie dialogue as snarled homemade vocals. When the playing is slow, this music can be beautiful and haunting, and when the band heats up, it’s like an elephant stampede. – Stay Free

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Coming out of the same music scene that produced the likes of Superchunk, Polvo and Archers Of Loaf, North Carolina quartet Geezer Lake never broke out nationally, but produced 3 albums that mixed an unlikely combination of indie rock, electronic experimentation and jazz rhythms. Throughout their career they also toured with countless other bands, including Ben Folds Five, Picasso Trigger, Mercury Rev, Three Mile Pilot, US Maple, Helmet and Antiseen, among others.