AmRep – A-Z – Operation: Break Eve + AmRep Equipped


Operation: Break Eve – Unknown

AmRep Equipped:

Lollipop – Whey They Face Down

Guzzard – Deaf Ears, Gamma Rays

Love 666 – Bummer

Unsane – Alleged

Cows – Mas-No Mas

Hammerhead – Mune

Chokebore – Popular Modern Themes

Lowercase – Ringbleeder

Servotron – Image Created

Gnomes of Zurich – Big Teeth, Skeletal Face

Feedtime – Billy

Today Is The Day – Realization

Supernova – Vitamins

Year of Release: 1997

Notes: Both compilations represent late 90s AmRep roster, but its unclear which tracks were included on “Operation: Break Eve”.

Today Is The Day – Realization