Compilations – Pathological (Pathological Records, 1989)


Carcass – Gential Grinder 2

Godflesh – Love Is A Dog From Hell

Terminal Cheesecake – John F. Poodle

Stretchheads – Three Pottery Owls (With Innuendo)

Coil – Contains A Disclaimer

Silverfish – One Silver Dollar

Terminal Cheesecake – Head’s Human Disease

God – Dum Dum Slug

Stretchheads – Groin Death

Carcass – Hepatic Tissue Fermentation

Godflesh – My Own Light

Napalm Death – Internal Animosity

Label Background: Pathological is a long-defunct label, which was run by Kevin Martin (God, Techno Animal) and was active in the late 80s/early 90s. It mostly produced records by Martin’s own bands (16-17, Ice, God), as well some associated projects – Oxbow, Zeni Geva and Terminal Cheesecake.

Notes: This is an obscure and hard-to-find LP/CD compilation from the late 80s, which collects tracks from a wide range of artists (mostly British/UK ones) in all sorts of style and genres – it starts off with an instrumental by grindcore demi-gods Carcass and then takes all sorts of twists and turns from here.

Stretchheads serve a slice of Boredoms-like insanity, even though they were active way before Boredoms themselves became popular. Silverfish contributed rockabilly-ish “One Silver Dollar”, which also appears on their 1989 “Cockeye” LP.  Then there’s also a slew of hard-to-find/unreleased tracks by Godflesh, Napalm Death (who sound positively unlike themselves – “Internal Animosity” is a long and slow dirge/pseudo-industrial track in the vein of Godflesh/Swans), Coil, whose track “Contains A Disclaimer” was later included on “Unnatural History 2” compilation, as well as tracks by God and Terminal Cheesecake.

Carcass – Genital Grinder