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Yet another band that needs no introduction – Atlanta, GA band that is all about vulgarity, as well as drinking, fighting and drugs (i.e. they maintain standards of rock’n’roll). Despite not being radio friendly, they received Grammy nomination in Best Metal Performance category for their song “Fried Chicken and Coffee” in 1998.

Associated Bands – Nine Pound Hammer, C’Mon

Fun Facts:

“We rock harder and with more frequency than any other band in the world.” (Corey Parks in an interview with Magnet Magazine)

– Their name comes from Ted Nugent’s introduction to “Want Dang Sweet Poong Tang” from “Double Live Gonzo” album

– Initially they were called Hell’s Half-Acre

– Blaine Cartwright appears in the movie “Run Ronnie Run”

– Their music was featured in various games, including “Jackass The Game” and”Rogue Trip”

– Blaine Cartwright also was in Nine Pound Hammer, who were active from 1985 to 1997. They reunited, however, and recorded theme song for Adult Swim cartoon 12 Oz. Mouse.

– Former bass player Corey Parks is the sister of former NBA basketball player Cherokee Parks


Go Motherf—er / Milk Cow Blues 7″ (1997)

Snake Eyes 7″ (1998)

Sock It To Me Baby / Misunderstood 7″ (1998)

Let Them Eat Pussy (1998)

Eat More Pussy CD-single (1998)

Kicked In The Teeth 7″ (1998)

High As Hell (2000)

Say Something Nasty (2002)

Get Some! (2005)

Dirty Best Of Nashville Pussy (2005)

From Hell To Texas (2008)

Fried Chicken And Coffee