Steel Pole Bath Tub


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Bay Area threesome (two of whom originally hail from Bozeman, Montana) Steel Pole Bath Tub put a happy face (well, sorta) on industrial-strength grind rock, leavening its pitbull riffs with jaggedly humorous short stories that couldn’t be further from established noise-boy motifs.  Trouser Press

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With their penchant for the use of bizarre TV samples, guitar feedback and tape loops, Bozeman, Montana trio Steel Pole Bath Tub seemed an unlikely candidates for major label attention. Yet, by the early to mid 90s labels signed such bands as Helmet, Melvins, Jesus Lizard and Unsane and, finally, SPBT also got a major label with Slash. Unfortunately, as was often the case with others, the relationship went sour and after one album for the label, SPBT were never heard from again. The band’s final album appeared on shelves 6 years after it was originally recorded.