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Band which was formed in the early 90s in Hawaii, Honolulu, but eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California.  They signed to AmRep in 1993, but also released material on other labels, including Punk In My Vitamins.

Band Members:

Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo (Bis Ende)

James Kroll

Jonathan Kroll

Jungle Boy

Miik (Mike Featherson)

Troy Von Balthazar


Motionless (1993 / reissued in 2003)

Throats To Hit / Nobody 7″ (1993)

Anything Near Water (1995 / reissued in 2003)

Thin As Clouds / Pink Deluxe 7″ (1995)

A Taste For Bitters (1996)

Split With Tocotronic 7″ (1996)

Days Of Nothing single (1997)

It Could Ruin Your Day single (1997)

Black Black (1998)

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 2×7 (1999)

Strange Lines EP (2001)

It’s A Miracle (2002)

A Part From Life (2003)



It Could Ruin Your Day

Where Is The Assassin