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Now-defunct New York label PCP Entertainment was once a home to a whole number of garage/punk/noise/experimental bands, including Unsane, Motherhead Bug, Chrome Cranks, Fuse, ’68 Comeback, Slug, Lubricated Goat, Speedball Baby and many others.  Some of their most curious releases include split between Australian musician Foetus and New York band Chrome Cranks (whose member Bob Bert was once a part of Sonic Youth), as well as split between New York band Unsane and Los Angeles ensemble Slug, where both bands covered each other songs.

While the label dissapeared in the late 90s, although it returned few years later with Valentine Six (who since then changed their name to Parker & Lily) EP “Soundtrack Music To Spectrum Red” – actual soundtrack to indie thriller, which included a cover of Jazz Passengers track “Swim To Me”. Since then, it seems that the label once again stopped all of its activity, as no new releases followed. Their website is still up, however, and includes some mp3s, as well as label’s back catalogue.

Selected Releases:

Slug – The 3 Man Themes

Foetus / Chrome Cranks – Vice Squad Dick

Unsane – Jungle Music / Blood Boy / My Right

Unsane / Slug – Breathethething Out / Streetsweeper

Audio / MP3s:

Valentine Six – Only Heartbreak For Me

Poem Rocket – Return In Disarray

Noisext – X-Machine

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