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“The most important underground band in America” (Alternative Press)

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Love 666 Lead singer Dave Unger met drummer Angel in Washington D.C., after dropping out of Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University where he studied music of avant-garde composer La Monte Young. Together they formed Love 666 and produced a number of singles and full-lengths for AmRep, including 1995 “American Revolution” and 1996 “Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock”.

Love 666 broke up in 1996 and Dave Unger moved to New York, where he started performing under the name Rock. He also started a new label called Feedback, along with former Love 666 member Joe Johnson.


XTC 7″ (1994)

Love 666 EP (1994)

American Revolution (1995)

Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock (1996)

Split With Gnu 7″ (1997)

Nashville Sounds (2000)