AmRep – A-Z – Ugly American Overkill


God Bullies – Let’s Go To Hell

(From “Dog Show” album)

Helmet – Make Room

(From “Strap It On” album)

Cows – Big Mickey

(From “Effete And Impudent Snobs” album)

Surgery – Bronto

(From “Nationwide” album)

Crows – Go Look In The Crisper

(Unreleased track. Later appeared on “Crows” album)

Tar – Bad Box

(From “Roundhouse” album)

Thrown-Ups – Stockboy, Superhero

(From “The Thrown-Ups” album)

Helios Creed – Master Blaster

(From “Boxing The Clown” album)

Boss Hog – Gerard

(From “Cold Hands” album)

Vertigo – When Its All Over

(From “Vertigo” album)

Year of Release: 1991

Notes: First CD compilation from AmRep.

Crows – Go Look In The Crisper

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