Skin Graft – Label Background


“Skin Graft is a comic book company that puts out records.” – Mark Fischer, label founder

Along with Minneapolis label Amphetamine Reptile, St. Louis, MO-based Skin Graft is known for putting out all kinds of challenging records. It was formed by school friends Mark Fischer and Rob Syers in 1986 and initially acted only as a publisher of comic books and fanzines (which might also explain the distinctive artwork that is featured on most of label’s releases).

The label’s first music release appeared in 1991, when they released a 7″ split between Dazzling Killmen and Mother’s Day. Eventually, they started releasing records on a full-scale basis and some of the bands that put out their material on the label include Cheer-Accident, Made In Mexico, Melt-Banana, Mount Shasta, Arab On Radar, Yona-Kita and many others.

Fun Facts:

– The label’s mascot is cat-devil hybrid

– From 1994 to 2002, the label curated OOPS Fests, which featured some of label’s acts

–  Lakewood, OH based musician Wyatt Howland records under the name Skin Graft

Further Info: Discogs / Wikipedia


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