10 Records From A Departing Year – Parts & Labor – Receivers




Nowhere’s Nigh

Mount Misery

Little Ones

The Ceasing Now

Wedding In A Wasteland

Prefix Free

Solemn Show World

Associated Entries: Parts And Labor

For its forth studio album “Receivers”, Brooklyn outfit Parts & Labor added guitarist Sarah Lipstate and drummer Joe Wong to the line-up (thus turning a quartet…into a quartet, since the band’s original drummer left  in 2007). In a process similar to the creation of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon”, before the album release P&L asked their fans to submit samples and field recordings based on questions like “What Are You Afraid Of?”. This resulted in hundreds of submissions most of which were used on the album in one way or the other.

In their review of the album, The-Fly.co.uk website pointed out that “this time round the band may have spent more time listening to Dark Side Of The Moon ’ than ‘Zen Arcade’, but their more accessible side hasn’t been exposed at the expense of depth”. Website also gave the record 4.5 stars out of 5 and concluded that “ ‘Receivers’ is a work of art.”

Pitchfork gave the album 8 stars out of 10 and concluded that “It’s hard to predict where they’ll go from here when Receivers sounds as if they’ve stretched their favorite sonic ideas to the very brink of saturation– but no one could have guessed they’d take them quite this far.”

Nowhere’s Nigh

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