10 Releases From A Departing Year – Melvins – Nude With Boots



The Kicking Machine

Billy Fish

Dog Island

Dies Iraea

Suicide In Progress

The Smiling Cobra

Nude With Boots


The Stupid Creep

The Savage Hippy

It Tastes Better Than The Truth

With plenty of albums under their collective belt and more than 20 years together, Melvins are still going strong and their 19th studio record “Nude With Boots” is a definite proof. The album is a follow-up to 2006 “(A) Senile Animal”, came out on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings label  and was recorded in Los Angeles with the line-up of  King Buzzo, Jared Warren (Big Business, Karp), Coady Willis (Big Business, Murder City Devils) and Dale Crover. The band embarked on a lengthy tour following the album release.

Most of the reviewers point out  the fact the album demonstrates the band’s love for 70s rock and such bands as Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. Prefixmag proclaimed to be “tons of fun, sludge-filled, glorious rock ‘n roll.”, much like the rest of the band’s output, while Pitchfork pointed out that “This band is still nearly as big, as slow, as lumberingly loud as they were in the days Kurt Cobain was trying out for a spot on bass.”

The album also features Tom Hazelmeyer (head of Amphetamine Reptile label) on “Savage Hippy” and features artwork by Mackie Osborne (Fleabag, Get Hustle), who was also responsible for creating cover art for such bands as Mr. Bungle and Mondo Generator.

MP3: Nude With Boots


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