Label Profile – Twisted Village


Twisted Village is both a record label and record store, which is located in Cambridge, MA. Twisted Village (the store) is run by Wayne Rogers and his wife Kate Biggar, both of whom were in numerous bands (Crystalized Movements, Heathen Shame, Magic Hour, Major Stars, Vermonster) and have appreciation for noise/psychedelia and all kinds of esoteric music/sounds. As a result, the store is known as a place of gathering for all sorts of hipsters and music nerds – Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth claimed it to be his favorite record store.

Twisted Village (the label) released records by all the aforementioned Wayne Rogers/Kate Biggar-affiliated bands, as well as material by the likes of Luxurious Bags (solo project of Tom Leonard from Major Stars), A Handful Of Dust (New Zealand), Brother JT (solo project of John Terlesky from Original Sins), Bob Bannister (Fire In The Kitchen, Tono-Bungay), Gate (solo project of NZ musician Michael Morley), Donna Parker (MA) and many others.


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