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According to Brett Milano’s book “The Sound Of Our Town” Boston musical scene represents a combination of superstars/legends (Pixies, Cars, Aerosmith, Mission Of Burma), as well those who never got a chance to stay in the spotlight for long (Belly broke up in the mid 90s despite writing a sizable hit in the form of “Feed The Tree”, while Morphine leader singer Mark Sandman passed away while performing on stage in Italy).

Stylistically, Beantown’s music scene is/was extremely diverse – from hardcore/punk (Jerry’s Kids, Gang Green, The F.U.’s, SS Decontrol) to metalcore/heavy metal (Killswitch Engange, All That Remains, Overcast) and even some of the artsier sounds coming from the likes of Dresden Dolls, as well as some spooky ambience courtesy of John Zewizz project Sleep Chamber.

No one can’t possibly write about absolutely every little thing happening in Boston and some of the things that were unexplored/omitted in Mr. Milano’s book include newer  “atmospheric hardcore” scene (Isis, Converge, Anodyne), as well some of the lesser known grunge/alternative/hardcore/punk/hard-to-classify bands (Swirlies, Birbrain, Green Magnet School) and even newer wave of rock bands (Hooray For Earth, Ho-Ag).

So next couple of postings will be dedicated solely to Boston bands – the unsung ones, the rare ones, the forgotten ones, as well as those who made a name for themselves but didn’t quite turn into a nationally known act (yet).

Moving Targets – Always Calling (Live)

Converge – Eagles Become Vultures

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