Die Kreuzen

Die Kreuzen (pronounced Dee-Kroytzen) were a quartet formed in the early 80s by Dan Kubinski, Brian Egeness, Keith Brammer and Erik Tunison. While the band itself remains unknown to a larger public, they were a huge influence on a number of other bands.

They debuted with four songs recorded for Charred Remains compilation, followed by three tracks recorded for Master Tape compilation. 1982 7″ “Cows And Beer” featured 6 songs and its title was poking fun at “perception of life in Wisconsin”. It sold out very fast and became a collector’s item and led the band to a decision to do an American tour in 1983.

Their self-titled LP came out on Touch & Go in 1984 and went on to sell 13,000 copies in US and Europe and was followed by two more years of touring and another record called “October File”, which also came out on Touch & Go. Their third album for a label was 1988 “Century Days” and it further solidified the band reputation.

Their last album was 1991 Cement and the band broke up on April 1st, 1992 after Egeness decided to quit the band. Band members, however, remain busy with a multitude of projects, including Crime and Judy and Decapitado.


Die Kreuzen LP (Touch And Go, 1984)

October File CD / LP (Touch And Go, 1986)

Century Days LP (Touch And Go, 1988)

Gone Away 7″ / 12″ (Touch And Go, 1989)

Gone Away CD (Touch And Go, 1990)

Pink Flag 7″ (Touch And Go, 1990)

Big Bad Days 7″ (Touch And Go, 1991)

Cement CD / LP (Touch And Go, 1991)

Compilation Tracks:

On The Street” + “All White” + “Fighting” on Master Tape (Affirmation, 1982)

Fuck Up” + “Live Wire” + “Champs” on Code Blue (Last Rites Fanzine, 1984)

Think For Me” on American Hardcore: The History Of American Punk Rock (Rhino, 2006)


Pink Flag (Wire)

Land Of Treason (Germs)

Seasons Of Wither (Aerosmith)

Were Covered By:

Brutal Truth (Rumours)

Napalm Death (I’m Tired)

Tribute Album:

Lean Into It:

01. SEASON TO RISK – “Melt”
02. BRUTAL TRUTH – “Rumors”
03. COWBOY SUITE – “Mannequin”
04. MIKE WATT – “Stomp”
05. TRAINDODGE – “Among The Ruins”
06. VOIVOD – “Man In The Trees”
09. BIONIC – “All White”
10. THE CATASTROPHE – “On The Streets”
11. BEEKLER – “Pain”
12. COLOSSAMITE – “Imagine (Among The) Light
13. ST. ELLAS – “Elizabeth”
14. GARLIC FROG DIET – “Over And The Edge”
15. FUZZDOLLY – “No Name”
17. BAIT – “Stomp”
18. NAPALM DEATH – “I’m Tired”
19. THE DROIDS – “In School”
20. BOUND TO ONE – “Fuck Ups”
21. MAD TRUCKER GONE MAD – “Think For Me”
22. JAGGERNAUTS – “Slow”
23. HUM MACHINE – “Don’t Say Please”
24. MINER – “Big Bad Days”
25. BUZZ MORAN – “No Time”
26. VIC BONDI – “Enemies”

Hate Me (Live)

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