AmRep – A-Z – Compilations On Other Labels – Crunchouse


Tad – Behemoth

Seattle, USA, From the ‘God’s Balls‘ CD/LP

Halo Of Flies – Can’t Touch Her

Minneapolis, USA. From the ‘Singles Going Nowhere‘ LP

Bastards – Neighbor

Minneapolis, USA. From the ‘Monticello‘ LP/CD

Helios Creed – Nirbasion Annasion

Outer Space, USA. From the ‘Last Laugh’ LP

Unsane – This Town

NYC, USA. Appears on a Treehouse 45 only

Boss Hog – Fix Me

NYC, USA. From the  ‘Drinkin, Lechin’ & Lyin‘ MLP

God Bullies – Follow The Leader

Kalamazoo, USA. From the ‘Mamawombwomb‘ LP

Mudhoney – Dead Love

Seattle, USA. From the ‘Mudhoney‘ LP/CD

Cows – Chasin’ Darla

Minneapolis, USA. From the ‘Daddy Has A Tail!’ LP

Surgery – Dance

New York City, USA. From the ‘Souleater‘ MLP

First Things First – Pal

Munich, West-Germany. From the ‘Dirtbag Blowout‘ LP

Thrown-Ups – Thorp, Thorp, Thorp

Seattle, USA. From the ‘The Thrown Ups‘ LP

Year of Release: 1989

Notes: Late 80s compilation from German label Glitterhouse Records. Artwork was done by Mark Dancey.

Those bands were generously given an european home by Glitterhouse. Licensed from the following labels: Sub Pop (TAD, Mudhoney), Amphetamine Reptile (Helios Creed, Halo Of Flies, The Thrown Ups, God Bullies, Cows, Boss Hog), Treehouse (Bastards, Unsane NYC), Circuit (Sugery, Unsane NYC) and Whitewurst (First Things First).”

Tad – Behemoth

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