AmRep – A-Z – Compilations On Other Labels – Sub Pop 200


Tad – Sex God Missy

Fluid – Is It Day I’m Seeing?

Nirvana – Spank Thru

Mudhoney – The Rose

Soundgarden – Sub Pop Rock City

Green River – Hangin’ Tree

Cat Butt – Big Cigar

Nights And Days – Split

Blood Circus – Outback

Swallow – Zoo

Thrown-Ups – You Lost It

Year of Release: 1989

Notes: Seminal Sub Pop compilation from the late 80s, which includes tracks by Tad and Thrown-Ups who would go on to record for AmRep. German edition of this record came out on Glitterhouse Records and was called “Sub Pop Rock City”.

SUB-POP-200 was released in December 1988 as 3 12″ LPs packaged with a 20-page booklet — the release was limited to 5000 copies. Originals sell for upwards of US$75 in some stores. In November 1991, the compilation was reissued on compact disc. On September 12, 1995, it was reissued a second time on CD in a small cardboard box. According to Suzy Davenport of Sub Pop, “We’ve reissued the Sub Pop 200 CD with a new booklet that’s like a CD-size version of the book that came with the original three-LP boxed set. Lots of cool Charles Peterson photos and funny staff pictures.”

The album features 20 bands, including those who are now considered to be the defining bands of the “Seattle sound”: Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Green River, Screaming Trees, etc. The truth is that all of the bands on this comp are or were incredibly influential.” (Soundgarden Fan Page)

“The cover is an illustration by comics artist Charles Burns, who was regularly used by Sub Pop for covers and posters around this period.” (Wikipedia)

Buy it: Sub Pop / Amazon

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