AmRep A-Z- Dope, Guns & F##king up Your Videodeck, Vol. 1-3 1990-94 (2003)

In 2003, MVD Visual produced this DVD, which collected all videos from three volumes of original video compilations in digital format.


“From the mid-’80s thru the mid-’90s, Amphetamine Reptile Records defined the term “underground.” For blistering genre-creating sounds, graphics, and attitude, Amphetamine Reptile had no equal. Being far too raw for MTV, the label began what was then a first — the cheap self-published Video Comp. Enlisting the insane “Dr. Sphincter,” the “Dope, Guns…” video series documents a seminal movement in music history. Collected for the first time is the first three volumes and 15 additional videos! This is about as complete a visual history of a label can be. (Note: This DVD is Region 0 and playable worldwide!)

VOLUME 1 includes: Helmet, Helios Creed, Cows, Vertigo, King Snake Roost, God Bullies, Tar, Lubricated Goat, Surgery, Halo Of Flies.
VOLUME 2: Cows, Helios Creed, Surgery, Vertigo, Boss Hog, Tar, God Bullies, Cosmic Psychos, Boss Hog, Crows, Helmet.
VOLUME 3: Guzzard, Cows, Janitor Joe, Boss Hog, Chokebore, Hammerhead, Cosmic Psychos, Today Is The Day, Helmet, Melvins, Cows.
BONUS VIDEOS 1994 & later: Unsane, Lollipop, Servotron, Cosmic Psychos, Melvins, Supernova, Freedom Fighters, Feedtime, Today Is The Day, Gnomes Of Zurich, Chokebore, Unsane.”


Dope volume one – 1990:

  1. HelmetBad Mood
  2. Helios CreedThe Rant
  3. CowsCartoon Corral
  4. VertigoTonic Thing
  5. King Snake RoostTop End Killer
  6. God BulliesCemetary
  7. TarLes Paul Worries
  8. Lubricated GoatIn the Raw
  9. SurgeryMaliblues
  10. Halo Of FliesNo Time

Dope volume two – 1992:

  1. CowsHitting the Wall
  2. Helios CreedI’m Your Spaceman
  3. SurgeryLittle Debbie
  4. VertigoSmoked
  5. Boss Hog – commercial #1
  6. TarGoethe
  7. God BulliesWar on Everybody
  8. Cosmic PsychosDead Roo
  9. Boss Hog – commercial #2
  10. CrowsCrisper
  11. HelmetBlack Top

Dope volume three – 1994:

  1. GuzzardLast
  2. CowsSugar Torch
  3. Janitor JoeBoys in Blue
  4. Boss HogHustler
  5. Chokebore – Coat
  6. HammerheadDouble Negative
  7. Cosmic PsychosRain Gauge
  8. Today Is The Day6 Dementia Satyr
  9. HelmetUnsung
  10. MelvinsHoney Bucket
  11. CowsMine

Bonus vids – 1994 and later:

  1. UnsaneScrape
  2. LollipopSlow Drip
  3. ServotronPeople Mover
  4. Cosmic PsychosWhip Me
  5. MelvinsMobius Hiabatchi
  6. SupernovaMath
  7. Freedom Fighters Bad Back
  8. FeedtimeMelody Line
  9. Today Is The DayRealization
  10. Gnomes of ZurichBathe in Me
  11. Chokebore – A Taste For Bitters
  12. UnsaneAlleged

Today Is The Day – Realization

Supernova – Math

Freedom Fighters – Deliver Us

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