AmRep – A-Z – Dope, Guns and F@#king In The Streets Vol. 8-11


Superchunk – Basement Life

Guzzard – Bites

Jawbox – Low Strung

Godheadsilo – Lotion Pocket

Boredoms – Pukuri

Supernova – Sugar Coated Stucco

Chokebore – Brittle & Depressing

Love 666 – You Sold Me Out #2

Bailter Space – Glimmer Dot

Steel Pole Bath Tub – A Washed Out Monkey Star Halo

Chrome Cranks – Dead Man’s Suit

Brainiac – Cookie Doesn’t Sing

Today Is The Day – Execution Style

Rocket From The Crypt – Tiger Mask

Calvin Krime – Fight Song

Gaunt – Kiss Destroyer

Servotron – Matrix Of Perfection

Year of Release: 1997

Notes: Third and final installation in the series, compiling tracks from volumes 8 to 11. Includes track by both American and international artists – Boredoms (Japan) and Bailter Space (New Zealand).

Additional Information: Discogs

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