AmRep – A-Z – S.W.A.T.

S.W.A.T. was a solo project of Adam Parfrey, American journalist, and owner of of book publisher Feral House. As a musician, he released one singles and one CD for AmRep and collaborated with the likes of Boyd Rice (NON) and Thee Slayer Hippy (Poison Idea). He also released a “A Sordid Evening Of Sonic Sorrows” under his own name.

Associated Bands – Tards



Deep Inside A Cop’s Mind (1994)

The Soundtrack To The New Police State 7″ (1994)

Adam Parfrey:

Sordid Evening Of Sonic Sorrows CD (Man’s Ruin Records, 1997)

Compilation Tracks:

In The Ghetto” on AmRep Motors 1995 Models (Amphetamine Reptile Europe, 1995)

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