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Minneapolis trio which included Sean Tillman, Jon Kelson and Jason Ralph. They released two records and broke up with Sean Tillman gaining a lot of popularity as Har Mar Superstar after the band dissolution.

Band Members:

Sean Tillman (Har Mar Superstar, Sean Na Na)

Jon Kelson

Jason Ralph


Pretty In Pink 7″ (1995)

Kids Incarcerated 7″ (1996)

Dress For The Future CD (Amphetamine Reptile, 1997)

You’re Feeling So Attractive CD (Amphetamine Reptile, 1998)

3X3 For 3 1/2 Single (Polyvinyl, 1998)

Compilation Tracks:

Fight Song” on Dope, Guns ‘N F—ing In The Streets Volumes 8-11 (Amphetamine Reptile, 1997)

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